Solar energy is a big investment, and we want to make sure you have all the information you need to get the most out of your experience with us. Here are some questions we often get about solar power and our systems!

Does solar energy really make sense in Kentucky and Indiana?

Absolutely. A typical system size of 10 kw will produce right at 13,500 kwhrs/year. Energy companies in this region charge right around $0.10/kwhr, and over the past 20 years that rate has risen by about 4% per year. When you factor in rising energy costs, the ROI for the system will be right at 10 years, and the system will pay for itself almost 3 times during its guaranteed life.

is financing available for my solar system?

YES. We work with two national solar finance companies, Clean Energy Credit Union and EZsolarloan. We offer zero down installations, while spreading the payment out over 5-25 years. Typical interest rates can be anywhere from 2.99%-10% depending on the term of the loan as well as the applicant’s credit rating.

do i need a bAttery to go with my system? (net metering)

NO. Lucky for us, the energy companies throughout this region have adopted a policy known as “net metering.” This allows homeowners to maximize their savings while minimizing their project cost.

“Net Metering” allows your meter to go in both directions. For a regular home without solar, the meter on your home will track the amount of kilowatt hours (kWhr) that you are consuming, or that you are pulling from the grid. When you get your bill each month, it reports how many kWhr you used for that month, and this is how they get to the dollar amount that you are charged. On the other hand, when your solar system gets installed, you will enter a “Net Metering” agreement with your energy company. This means your meter will now keep track of the amount of kWhr you send back to the grid each month, along with the amount you pull from the grid as well. This allows a homeowner to use their energy companies grid essentially as their own battery. For example, during the day many people are not at home using any power, however their system will be producing power. In this scenario, you would be sending the energy produced back into the grid, collecting kWhr credits for later use. These credits roll over day to day, and month to month. We do install off grid battery-backed systems as well, however for the savings minded people this would not be the best option currently, as it adds a significant amount to the project cost.

can i eliminate my electric bill 100%?

In most cases the answer will be yes. We provide a complimentary energy evaluation and site assessment specific to your home. We may find that your roof space and sun exposure limit the size of the solar system that we can install. In certain scenarios we may only be able to install a system that produces 60%-80% of your yearly energy usage. In this case your bill each month would show you the amount of kWhr pulled from the grid, and the amount of kWhr sent to the grid, and you will only be charged for the difference of those values. For example, your bill could show that you used 1000 k/hr in a given month, and on the same bill you sent back 700 kWhr to the grid. For this month, you would only be billed for 300 kWhr.

how do i know how many solar panels my home needs?

Our site surveyor will determine the size of your system based on your energy usage over the past 12 months and the weather in this region. We provide very conservative location specific numbers for production. After looking at your bill and performing a complimentary site survey, we will know exactly what you need.

what is the warranty for this type of solar system?

Everything we install comes with a manufacturer’s 25 year warranty. The panels are guaranteed to still be producing at least 81% of the year 1 production at year 25. The inverters we use also come with a 25-year guarantee. This system will more than likely last 30-40 years but is guaranteed for everything to year 25.