Nick Hartnett - Pure Power Solar

Our owner, Louisville native Nick Hartnett began his journey in the solar industry as a sales rep in southern California in 2013. After gaining the experience he needed, he moved home to start Pure Power Solar in 2017 because he saw the potential for energy and cost savings in Louisville-area homes and businesses. Our photovoltaic systems are installed with quality service and premium equipment guaranteed to up to 25 years. We can handle every step of the process, leaving you with a reliable, ready-to-use solar system that will save you money from day one. Join us in pioneering the Kentucky solar market!

 Pure Power Solar is proud to be a locally-owned business based out of Louisville, KY.


Our solar panel systems are custom-designed for your needs based on the direction of and shade on your roof, size of your property, and typical energy needs. We use high-quality materials and all aspects of your investment in solar are guaranteed for 25 years, with a life expectancy of 35+ years. Financing is available for all systems, with a 0% down option to eliminate all upfront financial barriers.

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